Friday, January 27, 2006

We are live, boys

And so, the fruits of our 24 hours of hard labour. All songs were written/performed/produced etc. by Messy Angelo and Tugboat Willy between 13:20 on Thursday January 26th and 13:20(ish) on Friday January 27th. Additional vocals and album artwork by our boy Bunnyhop. To be submitted to the Crapart Album-a-Day project soon hopefully.

Enjoy it, and y'all let us know what y'all think!

THE PINKOS - The Long Wind
01 We Are Live
02 It's a Shocker!
03 Kids Go Free
04 At One Time in France
05 When Does He Appear?
06 Everybody Stands Up At The Same Time
07 Sometimes It's Hard To Make It Look Easy
08 Sleep Every Night
09 Him Being Here Is Not A Problem
10 We Want Her Home

Here's our drunkenly-written lyrics, if you really want them (you know you don't).


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

nice hwaan lads i'm impressd and proud

KickAcid said...

I heart pinko's.
Oh yeah, skiin was fun.
Hey tuggies, check out

its mildly diverting.

Tugboat said...

hehe! that's hilarious

This time, as well as those rotating arms it had a big rotating willy and was chasing me through the village :(

Anonymous said...

Pretty groovy. You should definitely do more of that crazy lyrics+electronics+guitars mix.
"We are so sexy bastards, yeah!", best lyric I've heard in a long time! Keep rocking.

Tugboat said...

thanks ido!

yeah, we'll definitely do another one soon i think, whenever we can combine our forces once again...maybe over the easter holidays, which are coming up in a few weeks...